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All our prices listed below are flat. NO additional fees will be applied.


Residential: $35/hr + parts where applicable

Business: $55/hr + parts where applicable


PC Repair

Our technicians can install almost all types of PC hardware, as well as repair your PC from broken pieces or if you just want to upgrade to something better.


Items covered:

  • Graphic card

  • Network card

  • Motherboard

  • Processor

  • Sound card

  • Hard drive

  • Printers

  • Peripherals

  • & MORE


Network & System 


Network & System

We will set up your home or small business with a network configuration. Need a system? We can do system consultations and builds that cater to your specific needs. Many issues a customer faces with purchasing a pre-built system is a lack of customization to target YOUR specific needs.


On-site Evaluations

Not sure what you need? We can provide you with solutions to start you in the right direction, complete with future growth in mind.


PC Optimization

Have a slow PC? Our technicians will diagnose and clean your PC as well as determine if a hardware upgrade is right for you.


PC Cleaning

Dirt. Dust. Germs. These are the things that need to be removed on a continual basis for optimal performance. That is where we come in: cleaning everything from keyboards, towers, monitors, mice, and more.


Software Installation

Installation includes, Windows 7, 8, Linux, Mac OSX, anti-virus & MORE.


Virus/Malware Removal

Our technicians will verify the issue and take the necessary steps to rid you of these nusances.

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