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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was EZ-Tek founded?

EZ-Tek was founded to give small businesses and consumers a cheaper alternative without price gouging.

What kind of experience does EZ-Tek bring?

Certified and years in the industry, we have done IT Troubleshooting, builds, network configurations, and domain level system administration. While the focus has been on Windows products, don't hesitate to contact us about MacOSX.

My computer started acting slow, what is wrong?

That really depends on your timeframe and definition of weird. Has the problem been building up? Maybe you need a "tune-up". If the problem is sudden, you may be infected with malware or viruses. Hardware failure typically won't result in slowing down your system.

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Should I shutdown every night?

There are advocates for both sides of this question. Chances are you have automatic updates and it is still at the default time of 3AM. Chances are you also don't have a SSD hard drive. In both of these instances, no, do not power down nightly. Mechanical drives lose a little piece of life, however minimal, everytime you boot up.

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